Rixos Dubrovnik

The Property consists of a renowned hotel that was demolished under the last Yugoslavian war and recently renovated into a 5-star 254-room hotel. 

The construction was completed at the end of 2007 and the hotel officially opened to public on January 2008. Before the extension, the Gross Building Area of the Property extended to 40,953 sq.m. and it included: 254-rooms, 5 restaurants and bars, 1,300 sq.m. of conference rooms and ballroom, 48 outside car parking spaces, 1,500 sq.m. of Spa & wellness area including Fitness, Casino and 10 retail outlets.


The Hotel has recently undergone an expansion in which a new annex has been constructed, hosting additional 56 rooms as well as employees accommodation. The total Gross Enclosed Floor Area of the annex is 4,559 sq. m. The total number of rooms after the expansion is 310-rooms.

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