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Masterplan Design and Advisory

FTG Development provides the following services and deliverables through internal or affiliated designers.


Concept Design Phase

(Pre-Schematic Design)

  • Narrative (Story) Concept (depending on concept

  • Loose and suggestive Look/feel images

  • Renderings of priority areas

  • Loose fabric and finish samples to communicate the ideas.

  • Furniture plans with floor finishes utilizing CAD files

  • Statement elevations of the project, consisting of the most prominent interior elevations to illustrate the architectural volume, structure, and special features, furnishings, specialty lighting, etc.


Schematic Design Phase

  • Look/feel images, CAD renderings

  • High resolution renderings

  • Furniture plans with floor finishes utilizing CAD files.

  • Schematic basic level section drawings of typical applied “critical” interior design features

  • Floor and wall finish specifications that represent Design Intent.

  • Millwork material specifications (such as wood, metals, glass) that represent Design Intent.

  • Key hardwired FF+E lighting specifications that represent Design

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