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Shopping Mall Advisory and Leasing


Leasing Services

​Creating the leasing policies and procedures for the leasing of retail space and achieving sustainable revenue

Preparing the leasing and the tenant mix strategy and plan

Facilitate leasing plan, unit layout and pricing plan for the Property

To participate in meetings conducted with architects (when requested), to provide comments in terms of efficient and effective usage, income and functionality

Creating rental feasibility plan which includes expected tenants turnovers and rental rates (base rents, turnover rents and service charges) 

Developing leasing terms and developing and finalizing the leasing contracts

Preparing, monitoring and controlling the leasing budget that is inline with the leasing plan.

Performing the actual leasing negotiations.

Negotiating and finalizing lease agreements based on the agreed leasing terms with tenants. the agreements will be inline with the approved tenant mix. 

Supporting the client in collecting the advance rent payments, all related fees and guarantee letters/payments

Developing a top tier leasing presentation for potential tenants and developing Business to Business marketing strategy to attract tenants

Organize and attend site visits to the project with tenants

Supporting tenants to comply with landlord design guidelines

Ensuring that all documents pertaining to the lease agreement, financial and otherwise are accurately prepared. 

Ensuring all reports are delivered accurately to the Company

When requested, attend all meeting organized by the Company



​Leasing policy plan, tenant mix plan, budget and all necessary forms

Providing standard leasing contract and templates

Fully executing lease contracts between tenants and the Company. The contracts shall
incorporate all comments and changes agreed between the tenants and the Company

Provide design guidelines principles for interiors, shops, back of house, public spaces..etc

Weekly and monthly periodic reporting on all ongoing matters. 

Detailed leasing presentation and business to business marketing plan which shall include all rent incentives such as rent free periods, turnover only tenants and fit out capex contribution, if needed. 

Detailed rental feasibility

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