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Founder of Rixos Hotels

Chairman of The Land of Legends

Fettah Tamince is the founder and chairman of Rixos Hotels, The Land of Legends and Sembol Insaat. 

He is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Turkey, with award-winning projects he is bringing into life. Mr.Tamince’s activities and investments extend to a wide range of industries including tourism, hotel management, investments, construction, real estate development and higher education. 

Mr.Tamince leads the expansion plans for his brands worldwide, and he plays a pivotal role in development of all industries. He drives succesful operations through the companies he founded in more than 13 countries ; primarily in Turkey. GCC, CIS, Germany, Croatia and Switzerland.

In 2016, he launched the revolutionary concept of The Land of Legends ; a new generation of life and entertainment destinations, the largest entertainment&resort facility of it’s region, has brought a totally new breath to Turkish tourism, in global arena.

In March 2017, Tamince has decided for further expansion of Rixos Hotels and growth globally to co-operate with a strong partner in the hospitality industry, thus the strategic partnership with AccorHotels was announced. Through this joint venture, Rixos Hotels properties have been integrated in AccorHotels network, which brought a wider perspective with a plan to increase number of luxury resort rooms from its current level of 12.000 to 50.000 by 2025.

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